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Chimney Cleaning in St. Louis & Jefferson County, MO

Ashes Away Chimney Service specializes in a wide range of chimney cleaning, repairs and installations. We have been proudly serving both residential and commercial clients in the St. Louis & Jefferson County area for over 35 years. Our cleaning professionals help keep your chimney clean and safe to use. Ashes Away Chimney Service clears all ash and soot from chimneys, making sure to sweep away all of the dirt, so your chimney functions to its maximum potential. With our years of experience you can expect nothing less than superior, no-mess services at honest and affordable rates.
Chimney — Chimney Reline in House Springs, MO
We offer many services including:
  • Chimney Cleaning/sweeping
  • Relining of wood burning fireplaces with UL Listed stainless steel pipe
  • Relining of Gas appliances with UL Listed aluminum pipe
  • Smoke Chamber Repairs
  • Minor tuckpointing of interior of fireplace or exterior of chimney
  • Crown Repair
  • Chimney Caps
  • Custom Stainless Steel Chase Covers
  • Flashing Repair
  • Gutter cleaning and Gutter guard

Service you can count on

To learn more about our chimney cleaning services call Ashes Away Chimney Service today (636) 343-4416. We look forward to working with you.

About Ashes Away

Ashes Away was started by Eric Fenner 35 years ago. Since then it has become a father son operation. His son Josh joined the family business when he was about belt buckle tall, but due to child labor laws, he only claims 22 years experience.
As stated before we are a father/son family business. It is that fact that separates us from the other companies in the area. For this reason, we take pride in what we do. We are committed to providing quality work at competitive prices.
Brick Chimney — Chimney Reline in House Springs, MO
One of the most often asked questions is: How often should I have the chimney cleaned.
It is recommended that the chimney is swept and evaluated every 50 fires or ½ cord of wood (4'H x 8”L x 2'W)
The second question is: Do we sing and in that one movie?
No, we don't ( our singing and dancing would require a discount for emotional distress!!)
However, unlike the scene where the chimney sweeps come tumbling and dancing out of the fireplace and dust and soot go everywhere making a disaster of a mess; Ours is a clean process. We have a proprietary vacuum system that removes the dust from the house. This makes cleaning after the sweep almost unnecessary.

While we can be reached online through our website @;
the best way to reach us is to call us @ 636-343-4416
Either Eric or Josh will be the one to answer your call.
Though it may be old school it allows us to answer your questions immediately and schedule an appointment to address your chimney needs.
For our friends that are “Team Haynes Followers” we are excited to offer a 15% discount on services (up to $300 off). This discount will be applied at the completion of a scheduled job.

Client Testimonials

I don't know how anyone could have given this company less than a 5 rating. They were professional, affordable, and overall the best company I found to do this type of work. I highly recommend these guys.
- Tanya B.